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Reliable and safe hosting, dedicated or shared. We see uptime in decimals.



Grow without worrying about growth



Our games don't lag and our data is real time. With some imagination, that makes for a pretty powerful UX.



Open Game Supplier
1200+ casino games including progressive jackpots, Live Dealer Casino, 3D games, branded slots all offered seamlessly via mobile or PC to your customers from the World’s leading online game providers
More than Flexible Bonus System
The IGC bonus system is so flexible that you can define every part of the bonus logic from the type of bonus to give, when to credit and how the bonus is wagered between the real money and bonus money balance. Coupled with our advanced filtering system you have the control to give the bonus that you want, to the players you want at the perfect time.
Performance, Performance, Performance
iGC game and wallet integration has been developed in such a way that your customers will have the best possible game performance with no game lag no matter the number of customers you have online.
Game Management System
Allows easy indexing of your games across your categories to the markets you want the games to be available to.
Multi-Currency Payment Processing
Full suite of payment suppliers already integrated and ready to seamlessly process your customers transactions across multiple countries and multiple currencies.
Shared or Dedicated Environment
iGC gives you the flexibility to select the hardware environment that works best for your business.
Real-time Data
Imagine the customer experience that you can provide with real-time data, it allows you to take UX to a whole other level.
Frontend (Website) Flexibility
Integration of your frontend is easy and our talented technical team will help you every step of the way. Want to use a proven, high converting, functional pre-designed template, we have that too, the choice is yours.
Real-time Custom Reporting
All of our data is in real-time giving you the ability to have a complete accurate overview of your business 24/7 using the iGC pre-created reports or simply create your own reports to show the data most important to you and your business needs.
Report Scheduling
With our report scheduling system you can schedule reports to be emailed to your account daily, weekly or whenever you want.
Complete Player Profile
With one click you will have a full overview of your customer showing key KPI's for that customer, KYC progress, pending bonuses, withdrawals allowing accurate and efficient support.
Integrated Responsible Gaming System
Flexible Responsible Gaming System that can be configured to the requirements of any jurisdiction.
Integrated KYC Lifecycle Management System
Gives the ability for your customers to upload their KYC documents directly into iGC which allows you to track the progress and easily identify missing documents and provide a better customer experience.
Seamless Wallet
One wallet for all products.
Fully Integrated Live Chat and Email Support
Our proprietary live chat and email support system provides faster access to customer accounts, open/closed tickets and proactive messaging to your customer individually or to pre-defined customer groups.
Intelligent User Interface
We know that there is a lot going which is why iGC allows you to easily multi task with our unique user interface.
Email Builder
Create responsive marketing emails with a click of the mouse directly in iGC.
24/7 Backup and Disaster Recovery
iGC is backed up and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year ensuring the highest possible uptime.